Here you will find some of the most common questions about the use and operation of our products.
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a) Check that the correct voltage reaches the power supply cabinet.
b) Check that both the thermal key and the circuit breaker dedicated to the power supply cabinet dedicated to lighting are ON and that the control button is ON.
c) In case that points a) and b) have been verified, and the light doesn't turn on, then there is an operational problem of some of the described components, so we suggest you to contact a professional in the subject.

a) Verify that the controller program is not set so that only a specific color or two are turned on.
b) Ensure that the wiring is correctly connected and there is no problem of connection from the cabinet to the underwater luminaire.
c) In the event that points a) and b) have been verified, and the luminaire (s) do not work correctly, it is possible that it has a problem of functioning, it is suggested to call the appropriate professional.

a) Try changing the controller program from the remote control to see if it is possible to change the color. Make sure in advance if the remote control has enough battery by turning the lighting on and off from it.
b) Try to change the program from the controller hosted directly inside the cabinet where it is hosted.
c) If the equipment does not change color, call the appropriate professional.

a) Verify either with the remote control or directly from the controller where it is housed that is set to the maximum brightness of the luminaire.
b) Make sure that at the outlet of the Switching Source the voltage is 12 Volt DC.
c) If the equipment does not have sufficient lighting power it is possible that the underwater luminaire has deteriorated totally or partially, we suggest you contact the appropriate professional.

No, indoor sources must be used indoors. In case of requesting an IP 67 model, they can be used IP 67 can be outside without protection.

No, the legal regulations of each country establish the need for separate winding transformers that generate insulation of 3000 VAC.

No, the type of fluorescent tube and the way in which the connection is made will condition the modifications that must be made in the electric circuit.

No, as the LED tube is usually heavier than the fluorescent tube, connection faillures are usually produced (depending on the quality of the socket). For this reason, we recommend that the replace-ment include the use of premium sockets.

No, Fiberlights designs and produces LED tubes for refrigerators with exact measures according to the requirements of the client.

No, the LED Fiberlights beacons were manufactured to be used in aerial obstacles, such as towers, buildings, telephony antennas, etc.

No, it only serves for lighting and decoration.

Yes, it should not be left exposed to the sun, nor to acids or caustic liquids. It is also not recom-mended to make curves less than 8 times its radius.

Yes, there are different ways to generate a starry sky when the ceiling is already built.

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