We are a company with more than 25 years of experience in the development
of smart lighting products and systems. Our great commitment to the environment
and energy sav-ing allows us to develop day by day novelty lighting products using
the latest technology applied to innovative designs.



Motion an Argentine Company founded in the City of Buenos Aires in 1992, with the objective of creating, developing, marketing products and providing solutions related to energy efficiency. For more than 25 years we have developed lighting systems with a large impact on energy savings. In a context of growth of the Company, in 1996 Motion integrates Fiberlights brand, mak-ing a strategic alliance which guarantees them to lead the field of new technologies and solutions provided to their customers. Our Argentine Professionals and Technicians made this project a reality, "Building Efficiency".

The constant growth of the company means that new technologies are being added, and today we continue growing at the same time, to generate and permanently present innovative products and solutions. Over time, we have been developing different product families, evolving, exploring new fields, and reaching increasingly efficient solutions. Some of them, both with fiber optic lighting and LED technology are the underwater lamps for swimming pool, air and maritime beacon, products developed for architectural and stage lighting, water mirrors, LED tubes, Public Lighting, as lamps for traffic lights, decorative lighting and road lighting, between others.